About the Hospital


We have a team that is comnited to make sure that our patients are confortable in their visit to our facility by ensuring that they are treated to the correct illness by gettin the correct diagnosis.

General Treatment

We are commited to help in the treatment plan of the common diseases that are majourly found in the sounding areas of the hospital and those in the environs of the town.

Critical care

We havean Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U) for patients who are in need of the service & an able team to take care of them

Why Choose Racecouse Hospital?

We are ready to provide to you the best of the medical care that should assist you in the daily life. We provide a variety of services that cut across various departments to give you the best.

Our Mission

To improve the health of our community by setting the standard of excellence in patient care.

Our Vision

To lead the country in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and to train tomorrow’s great physicians, nurses and scientists.